Craig (the tall one)

Craig was a baker and a pizza maker. He worked at much-loved cafes like Deville in Nelson and C1 Espresso in Christchurch.  Abroad, Craig cooked modern Greek food in Melbourne under George Columbaris (of Australian MasterChef fame). He then spent a year in France serving fine dining fares at a luxury chalet in the Alps in the winter, and learned the art of confit and the south-western French cuisine in the summer.  For fun, Craig spent month long trips daringly eating Thai street food up and down the country, then down onto Malaysia.  Most recently, Craig headed a kitchen brigade at a large Wellington waterfront restaurant.  


Craig has catered for countless functions over the years, including an Italian wedding in Nelson, an English wedding in France and various Bar Mitzvahs. Craig also ran a kitchen operation in Wellington that catered for large functions (such as weddings) at the same time as serving an a la carte menu in its restaurant. With his baking background, Craig is also experienced in making wedding and other celebration cakes such as croque-em-bouche.  He is also a drummer.


Kei (the ninja one)

Kei is Japanese and has trained as a chef in NZ.  Kei has 14 years experience as a chef around NZ and in Japan, from luxury lodges to C1 Espresso in Christchurch.  Her extensive travel through South America - Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru - gave her great insight into their serious street food culture. She is inspired by the Japanese and Chinese communities in Peru that blend Spanish-Peruvian food with Far East cuisines.


Kei is small in size but is made up by her skills and attitude in the kitchen (and the height of her hair).  She is a mightily efficient ninja.  We think Kei’s efficiency ratio per volume is great in our mobile kitchen.